The Hopeful Return of a 2nd Division on a Monday night.

League Registrations are open and the deadline for entries is Sunday 4th August.

Following the AGM that took place last night the below is the plan dependant on entries.

The LDBSA committee and all present at the AGM last night were in agreement that we would like to see three divisions for the Snooker League. The Premier League Shield worked but had its drawbacks. The information we have currently suggests that we won’t have enough eligible teams in the Premier League for the Shield/Split to work next season, this again is dependant on entries.

We feel that a 6 team Premier League, and a similar amount of teams in the 1st Division and a 2nd Division would be a fair split in terms of the levels and to make the leagues as competitive as we possibly can for all.

We will be reviewing the billiards league format in the coming weeks and opening entries for it in September.

So if we have the entries, the below will be the format for next season.

The Spec and Fix Premier League

Tuesday Nights

7 Frames and three miss rule, all the same as before.

The Adam Sears Snooker Coaching First Division

Tuesday Evenings

6 Frames

The Second Division (Sponsor Spare)

Monday Evenings

5 frames