Billiards League Registration 2023/24..


2023/24 Billiards League entries are now open. Online only and you can enter a team by following this link…

Billiards League (New League Format)-in the interests of trying to re-establish a Billiards League. The proposal is that League Matches would be handicapped, playing 200up, with handicaps set based on known ability achievements set at the Committee’s discretion and would be reviewed each week on a plus 10 minus 10 on a weekly basis. In the event of a Billiards League materialising, players entering with a handicap 300 or greater, both players total target would be halved. Fixtures would be set on alternate weeks, to try and give betterscope to fitting the fixtures around competition events and teams would consist of 4 players but only 2 matches would be played on the night.