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FAO: Entrants of the Senior Billiards Championship: RE: Senior Billiards Championship Update: 10.01.20

Dear Entrants, I write to advise correspondence has been received from Rob Hall on 13/12/19, who has proposed to the LDBSA Committee to create an additional Billiards Competition, between the Senior and Junior Competitions with the object of: -Maintaining the prestige of the historic Senior Billiards Championship trophy -Improving inclusivity within its competitions -Trying to boost entry numbers for Billiards within LDBSA The LDBSA Committee view the proposal as an acceptable way forward in its efforts to build entry numbers for Billiards Competitions and hopefully, the Billiards League, but before approving, seek feedback of current players (and any new entrants ) who have entered in the Senior Billiards Championship. The proposal is outlined as follows: -The name of the competition shall be called “The Lincoln Billiards Championship“. -The competition will be trialled for 1 year. -The object of this competition is to qualify the winner of the tournament to play in the Senior Billiards Championship Final, pitted against the winner of the previous year’s championship. -The competition will be played under the same format as the Senior Billiards Championship, however, the Senior Billiards Champion of the previous season, will not be permitted to enter. -The winner of the “The Lincoln Billiards Championship”, will be entered into the play off final of the Senior Billiards Championship, against the winner of the previous season’s Senior Billiards Championship. -Should the winner of the “The Lincoln Billiards Championship” go on to win the Senior Billiards Championship, they will become the title holder and be automatically entered into the following seasons Senior Billiards Championship and the runner up will be required to reenter the “The Lincoln Billiards Championship” and win, to have the opportunity of playing in the Senior Billiards Championship again. -If the previous seasons Championship winner is unable to play/unavailable, the previous season’s runner up, will be invited to play for the Senior Billiards Championship again. -If the Champion or the runner up of the previous season are unavailable to play for the Senior Billiards Championship, it would then be played off between the finalists of the “The Lincoln Billiards Championship”. -The competition prize money is to be moved from the Senior Billiards Championship, so that the Senior Billiards Championship is played for the prestige of the trophy*. *Sponsorship of this event would be considered by the Committee, but only after the “The Lincoln Billiards Championship” has been sponsored. -The main returnable trophy will be donated by Rob Hall. In the interests of the LDBSA in accepting this update, the Committee has opted to postpone the Senior Billiards draw until the February Committee Meeting, so the entrants to the Senior Billiards Championship can be updated, to give sufficient time, should any objections be raised as a result of this proposal, can be discussed and advised prior to the draw. To confirm, this proposal relates specifically to the Senior Billiards Championship only; as such, Rule 32. Eligibility of Players will apply for its other competitions. In respect of Rule 32. Eligibility of Players and the Billiards League for the 2020/21 season in general, the LDBSA Committee remains open to proposals at the 2020 AGM in the interests of the LDBSA membership and game as a whole, which may include revisiting implementing the Multiplication System to try and create inclusive events for all players. Should any entrant of the current competition have objection to this proposal, please advise the Championship Secretary, Mr Phil Cross, by 24/01/20, to give sufficient time for discussion by the LDBSA Committee prior to the February Committee Meeting, though it is hoped that the new tournament will be met with open arms from the membership in trying to increase the number of players playing Billiards within LDBSA.

Thank you, Tristan Fussey, League Secretary,