Player Averages

Premier League Averages 2017-18

           Players indicated in this colour have played the minimum 39 games required to qualify for player of the season.
           Players indicated in this colour have not played the minimum 39 games required to qualify for player of the season.
1Ian Cotterxx Moorlands & Railway A220100.00
2Matt LeeLincoln Snooker Club A5147492.16
3Rob HallHykeham A4034685.00
4Matt RansomeLincoln Snooker Club C52421080.77
5Gavin WhittleLincoln Snooker Club C49391079.59
6Dale SchofieldHykeham A48381079.17
7Lee ApplewhiteLincoln Snooker Club A50391178.00
8Matt BavinHykeham A43301369.77
9Dave SmithLincoln Snooker Club C45301566.67
10Jamie BarkerLincoln Snooker Club C48311764.58
11Glenn FosterLincoln Snooker Club B41261563.41
12Adam SearsHykeham A41261563.41
13Russ BinningtonLincoln Snooker Club B138561.54
14Hugo TomasLincoln Snooker Club A53322160.38
15Steve Kennedyxx Moorlands & Railway A44261859.09
16Martin KeyLincoln Snooker Club D36211558.33
17Carl Wilkinsonxx Castle Ward A46262056.52
18Mick Challenxx Civil Defence A48262254.17
19Paul Froggattxx Moorlands & Railway A52262650.00
20Nigel Leddiexx Castle Ward A84450.00
21Leigh Simonxx Castle Ward A42250.00
22Aidy Gandyxx Castle Ward A48232547.92
23Justin HuntLincoln Snooker Club B47222546.81
24Stu CanningsLincoln Snooker Club B41192246.34
25Rick Eptonxx Castle Ward A38172144.74
26Jonathan Gravesxx Civil Defence A45202544.44
27Geoff RobsonLincoln Snooker Club B44192543.18
28Paul MillerLincoln Snooker Club A26111542.31
29Nick HaywoodHykeham A34142041.18
30Tom Hutchinsonxx Moorlands & Railway A50193138.00
31Dean ChristopherLincoln Snooker Club A32122037.50
32Mike Druszczxx Civil Defence A51183335.29
33Chris EllisHykeham A62433.33
34Andy Couplandxx Civil Defence A42132930.95
35Neil Mackiexx Moorlands & Railway A40122830.00
36Daren DoughtyLincoln Snooker Club C2061430.00
37Lee Masonxx Castle Ward A2781929.63
38Mark GibbonsLincoln Snooker Club D51143727.45
39Reg BiggsLincoln Snooker Club B3082226.67
40Ben RickardsLincoln Snooker Club D51133825.49
41Malc FirmstoneLincoln Snooker Club D82625.00
42Graham HillLincoln Snooker Club D4293321.43
43Andy Kellettxx Civil Defence A3653113.89
44Steve Garrardxx Castle Ward A2732411.11
45Ken HillLincoln Snooker Club D161156.25
46Mike McCarthyLincoln Snooker Club B4040.00
47Nigel Cotonxx Civil Defence A2020.00
48Alex Lawfordxx Castle Ward A2020.00
49Dan SkaymanLincoln Snooker Club C2020.00
50Mark HandfordLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
51Tom PollardLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
52Richard JohnsonCastle Ward A0000.00
53Dave CouttsHykeham B0000.00
54Rob ChapmanHykeham B0000.00
55Steve RobinsonHykeham B0000.00
56Craig StarbuckPost Office A0000.00
57Paul BinksPost Office A0000.00
58Lee RobinsonHykeham B0000.00
59Daniel DobbsCivil Defence A0000.00
60Matt MayHykeham B0000.00
61Dan MayHykeham B0000.00
62Danny BryansHykeham C0000.00
63Phil CrossLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
64Ian FaulknerPost Office A0000.00
65Carl ChristopherCastle Hill A0000.00
66Nat DyasCastle Hill A0000.00
67Steve Lambertxx Gwynnes A0000.00
68Leigh MiddletonPost Office A .0000.00
69Roger ClarkHykeham A0000.00
70Aaron BakerCastle Ward A0000.00
71Paul FirmstoneLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
72Andrew Lilleyxx Gwynnes B0000.00
73Joshua SykesLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
74Tristan FusseyPost Office A0000.00
75Ed EptonCastle Ward B0000.00
76Scott WaterfieldPost Office A0000.00
77Dean Mandersxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
78Luke ElvidgeCastle Ward A0000.00
79Steve RichardsCastle Ward A0000.00
80Dale GreavesCastle Ward A0000.00
81Andy FletcherCastle Ward A0000.00
82Lee JohnsonCastle Ward A0000.00
83Rick ChesterCastle Ward A0000.00
84Jason Doddsxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
85Mike SmallMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
86Antony Allenxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
87Glynn Westonxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
88Joe Hutchinsonxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
89Martin Nesbittxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
90Tom GoldsteinLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
91Darren HallHykeham A0000.00
92Shaun BennettMarket Rasen B0000.00
93Fraser ProctorMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
94Peter WaterfieldPost Office A0000.00
95Jon WrightLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
96Geoff BowenLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
97Clive HarrisLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
98Leigh BladesLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
99Roy FroggattCube and Triangle0000.00
100Calum BaptistLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
101Liam BushellLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
102Daryl TurnerLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
103Doug CarbyCivil Defence A0000.00
104Dave SmithMarket Rasen A0000.00
105Nicola ReynoldsMarket Rasen A0000.00
106Sam BennettMarket Rasen A0000.00
107Darren MunnellyMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
108Scott GratrickCastle Ward B0000.00
109Gary GratrickCastle Ward B0000.00
110Danny PickeringCastle Ward A0000.00

1st Division Averages 2017-18

           Players indicated in this colour have played the minimum 42 games required to qualify for player of the season.
           Players indicated in this colour have not played the minimum 42 games required to qualify for player of the season.
1Adrian HaighLincoln Snooker Club G770100.00
2Lee JohnsonCastle Ward A440100.00
3Ian Cotterxx Moorlands & Railway A1816288.89
4Dave CouttsHykeham B2320386.96
5Aaron BakerCastle Ward A4134782.93
6Martin Nesbittxx Moorlands & Railway A4134782.93
7Matt MayHykeham B4638882.61
8Joe Hutchinsonxx Moorlands & Railway A50391178.00
9Sam BennettMarket Rasen A58441475.86
10Rick ChesterCastle Ward A36261072.22
11Darren MunnellyMoorlands & Railway B56401671.43
12Danny PickeringCastle Ward A75271.43
13Geoff BowenLincoln Snooker Club G56391769.64
14Rob ChapmanHykeham B2517868.00
15Richard JohnsonCastle Ward A32166.67
16Calum BaptistLincoln Snooker Club E50331766.00
17Steve Lambertxx Gwynnes A38251365.79
18Andy FletcherCastle Ward A46301665.22
19Fraser ProctorMoorlands & Railway A59382164.41
20Neil ChambersCivil Defence A56362064.29
21Gary GratrickCastle Ward B31201164.52
22Daryl TurnerLincoln Snooker Club E52331963.46
23Deklan Binningtonxx Gwynnes A29181162.07
24Antony Allenxx Moorlands & Railway A31191261.29
25Scott GratrickCastle Ward B33201360.61
26Andrew Lilleyxx Gwynnes B53260.00
27Clive HarrisLincoln Snooker Club G33191457.58
28Scott WaterfieldPost Office A34191555.88
29Matt DentLincoln Snooker Club E1810855.56
30Jason Doddsxx Moorlands & Railway A95455.56
31Adrian BunnCastle Ward B29161355.17
32Liam ShasbyMoorlands & Railway A48262254.17
33Darren EdwardsHykeham C48262254.17
34Paul BinksPost Office A30161453.33
35Steve RichardsCastle Ward A30161453.33
36Gary ChambersRileys A179852.94
37Dave SmithMarket Rasen A52272551.92
38Iain WaterfieldRileys A46232350.00
39Craig StarbuckPost Office A38191950.00
40Dan MayHykeham B38191950.00
41Tristan FusseyPost Office A30151550.00
42Liam BushellLincoln Snooker Club E21150.00
43Daryl ButtonHykeham C21150.00
44Daniel DobbsCivil Defence A21150.00
45Mike SmallMoorlands & Railway A21150.00
46Sean FalkinderMoorlands & Railway B49242548.98
47Nicola ReynoldsMarket Rasen A58283048.28
48Jon WrightLincoln Snooker Club E46222447.83
49Tony HicklingMoorlands & Railway B21101147.62
50Robert Harmstonxx Gwynnes B1991047.37
51Richard HurstMoorlands & Railway A157846.67
52Dave CroftHykeham C52242846.15
53Glynn Westonxx Moorlands & Railway A31141745.16
54Callum Goddardxx Gwynnes A27121544.44
55Nick MoonMoorlands & Railway B41172441.46
56Mark BarkerMoorlands & Railway A125741.67
57Ian FaulknerPost Office A34142041.18
58Danny BryansHykeham C39162341.03
59Kev Cottamxx Moorlands & Railway B37152240.54
60Trev Porterxx Moorlands & Railway B37152240.54
61Doug CarbyCivil Defence A38152339.47
62Terry Hamiltonxx Moorlands & Railway B41162539.02
63Mick Bentonxx Gwynnes A37142337.84
64John ThompsonLincoln Snooker Club G2491537.50
65Adam PettyCastle Ward B1971236.84
66Lee RobinsonHykeham B1971236.84
67John RiceMoorlands & Railway A41152636.59
68Rob ReevesCastle Ward B29101934.48
69Stuart Ranyardxx Gwynnes B42142833.33
70Phil FirthCivil Defence A33112233.33
71Ed EptonCastle Ward B1551033.33
72Shaun BennettMarket Rasen A62433.33
73Stephen WaldronMoorlands & Railway A31233.33
74Leigh BladesLincoln Snooker Club G31102132.26
75Howard KnightCivil Defence A51163531.37
76Lee Killingsworthxx Gwynnes A2371630.43
77Allan WilsonHykeham C33102330.30
78Steve RobinsonHykeham B2781929.63
79Louis Deakinxx Moorlands & Railway B35102528.57
80Roy FroggattRileys A3292328.13
81Ben Walkerxx Gwynnes B43113225.58
82Jorge Tomasxx Gwynnes A1331023.08
83Luke ElvidgeCastle Ward A1331023.08
84Peter WatsonRileys A3973217.95
85Robert Toddxx Gwynnes B4783917.02
86Royston Fosterxx Moorlands & Railway B3032710.00
87Glynn AyresRileys A342325.88
88Terry WilsonCastle Ward B241234.17
89Graham Sinclairxx Gwynnes B4040.00
90Peter WaterfieldPost Office A2020.00
91Paul Andrewsxx Gwynnes A1010.00
92Rob HallHykeham A0000.00
93Matt BavinHykeham A0000.00
94Adam SearsHykeham A0000.00
95Roger ClarkHykeham A0000.00
96Graham SmithCastle Hill B0000.00
97Leigh MiddletonPost Office A .0000.00
98Glenn FosterLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
99Stafford FaggMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
100Tom PollardLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
101Steve Garrardxx Castle Ward A0000.00
102Alex Lawfordxx Castle Ward A0000.00
103Josh WeaverMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
104Chunky Batemanxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
105Matt RansomeLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
106Jonathan Gravesxx Civil Defence A0000.00
107Andy Kellettxx Civil Defence A0000.00
108Edward TaylorLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
109Robert Babbxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
110Joshua SykesLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
111Michael MorrisonHykeham C0000.00
112Leo BosherLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
113Phil CrossLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
114Gavin WhittleLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
115Leigh Simonxx Castle Ward A0000.00
116Martin Fosterxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
117Carl ChristopherCastle Hill A0000.00
118Tom HutchinsonMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
119Michael AlveyLincoln Snooker Club H0000.00
120Malc FirmstoneLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
121Jamie BarkerLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
122Nigel LeddieLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
123Carl Wilkinsonxx Castle Ward A0000.00
124Mike Druszczxx Civil Defence A0000.00
125Mick ChallenLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
126Andy Couplandxx Civil Defence A0000.00
127Dave SmithLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
128Martin KeyLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
129Reg BiggsLincoln Snooker Club A .0000.00
130Graham HillLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
131Ken HillLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
132Mark GibbonsLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
133Neil Mackiexx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
134Paul Froggattxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
135Dean MandersCastle Ward A0000.00
136Steve KennedyLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
137Stu CanningsLincoln Snooker Club A .0000.00
138Aidy GandyCastle Ward A0000.00
139Dean GreatorexLincoln Snooker Club I0000.00
140Matt LeeLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
141Keith SteeleMoorlands & Railway D0000.00
142Rick PaulgerHykeham C0000.00
143Nick HaywoodHykeham A0000.00
144Dale SchofieldHykeham A0000.00
145Paul MillerLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
146Darren HallHykeham A0000.00
147Chris EllisHykeham C0000.00
148Hugo TomasLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
149Mike McCarthyLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
150Dale GreavesCastle Ward A0000.00
151Lee ApplewhiteLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
152Dean ChristopherLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
153Lee MasonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
154Rick EptonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
155Geoff RobsonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
156Justin HuntLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
157Russ BinningtonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
158Daren DoughtyLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00

2nd Division Averages 2017-18

           Players indicated in this colour have played the minimum 20 games required to qualify for player of the season.
           Players indicated in this colour have not played the minimum 20 games required to qualify for player of the season.
1Nat DyasCastle Hill A330100.00
2Ian BakerMoorlands & Railway C2824485.71
3Robert Babbxx Moorlands & Railway B3025583.33
4Andy CampbellMoorlands & Railway C2722581.48
5Paul ClarkeCastle Hill A2621580.77
6Michael MorrisonLincoln Snooker Club F2822678.57
7Michael AlveyLincoln Snooker Club I2015575.00
8Rick MorrisonCastle Hill A3123874.19
9Rob TuachCastle Hill A2720774.07
10Phil BarnattMoorlands & Railway C2719870.37
11Dan HurstMoorlands & Railway D117463.64
12Edward TaylorLincoln Snooker Club F1811761.11
13Andy OliverCastle Ward C30181260.00
14Scott SimpsonMoorlands & Railway C2213959.09
15Colin JacksonMoorlands & Railway D24141058.33
16Nigel OliverCastle Ward C24141058.33
17Keith SteeleMoorlands & Railway D26151157.69
18Andrew BrownMoorlands & Railway D74357.14
19Karl MaloneCastle Ward C32181456.25
20Chunky Batemanxx Moorlands & Railway B95455.56
21Seb BeaumontCastle Hill B29161355.17
22Paul SmithCastle Ward C2011955.00
23Brian TuachCastle Hill A22121054.55
24James GouldingLincoln Snooker Club F158753.33
25Tom PollardLincoln Snooker Club F179852.94
26Joshua SykesLincoln Snooker Club F23121152.17
27Callum Smithxx Moorlands & Railway B24121250.00
28Phil CrossLincoln Snooker Club F22111150.00
29Graham SmithCastle Hill B29141548.28
30David HayesMoorlands & Railway C73442.86
31Leo BosherLincoln Snooker Club I30121840.00
32Kev LawsonLincoln Snooker Club I135838.46
33David SharpCastle Ward C29111837.93
34Mark PophamCastle Hill A2591636.00
35Josh Weaverxx Moorlands & Railway B28101835.71
36Steve ColdronCastle Hill B28101835.71
37Dean GreatorexLincoln Snooker Club I32112134.38
38Gary BartonLincoln Snooker Club I1961331.58
39Andy RiggallMoorlands & Railway C2371630.43
40Glen FordCastle Hill B2061430.00
41Neville DoughtyMoorlands & Railway D1751229.41
42John Callandxx Moorlands & Railway B2882028.57
43Dale ChristopherCastle Hill B72528.57
44Barrie HodgsonMoorlands & Railway D1541126.67
45Andy JohnsonCastle Hill B1641225.00
46Ralph BeeMoorlands & Railway D1941521.05
47Kev BettsMoorlands & Railway C61516.67
48James HemsleyLincoln Snooker Club I2642215.38
49David Bowersxx Moorlands & Railway B1521313.33
50Derek HockingCastle Hill B111109.09
51Eric EvansMoorlands & Railway D161156.25
52Harry HarmstonLincoln Snooker Club F7070.00
53Jonathan Gravesxx Civil Defence A0000.00
54Daniel DobbsCivil Defence A0000.00
55Lee MasonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
56Carl ChristopherCastle Hill A0000.00
57Jason Doddsxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
58Mark HandfordLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
59Daryl ButtonHykeham C0000.00
60Glynn Westonxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
61Nigel LeddieLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
62Andy Kellettxx Civil Defence A0000.00
63Steve Garrardxx Castle Ward A0000.00
64Danny PickeringCastle Ward A0000.00
65Ben Walkerxx Gwynnes B0000.00
66Gavin WhittleLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
67Paul Andrewsxx Gwynnes A0000.00
68Andrew Lilleyxx Gwynnes B0000.00
69Robert Toddxx Gwynnes B0000.00
70Stuart Ranyardxx Gwynnes B0000.00
71Mick Bentonxx Gwynnes A0000.00
72Martin Fosterxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
73Dale SchofieldHykeham A0000.00
74Stafford FaggMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
75Roger ClarkHykeham A0000.00
76Jorge Tomasxx Gwynnes A0000.00
77Rob HallHykeham A0000.00
78Lee Killingsworthxx Gwynnes A0000.00
79Deklan Binningtonxx Gwynnes A0000.00
80Richard BakerMoorlands & Railway C0000.00
81Chris EllisHykeham C0000.00
82Hugo TomasLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
83Lee ApplewhiteLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
84Joe HutchinsonMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
85Graham Sinclairxx Gwynnes B0000.00
86Steve Lambertxx Gwynnes A0000.00
87Dale Greaves-0000.00
88Brandon StaplesLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
89Doug CarbyCivil Defence A0000.00
90Darren MunnellyMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
91Adrian BunnCastle Ward B0000.00
92Adam PettyCastle Ward B0000.00
93Terry WilsonCastle Ward B0000.00
94Ed EptonCastle Ward B0000.00
95Scott GratrickCastle Ward B0000.00
96Gary GratrickCastle Ward B0000.00
97Rob ReevesCastle Ward B0000.00
98Glynn AyresCube and Triangle0000.00
99Peter WatsonCube and Triangle0000.00
100Ken HillLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
101Mark GibbonsLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
102Fraser ProctorMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
103Tony HicklingMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
104Howard KnightCivil Defence A0000.00
105Neil ChambersCivil Defence A0000.00
106Phil FirthCivil Defence A0000.00
107Richard HurstMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
108Stephen WaldronMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
109John RiceMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
110Liam ShasbyMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
111Kev Cottamxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
112Louis Deakinxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
113Terry Hamiltonxx Moorlands & Railway B0000.00
114Trev PorterMoorlands & Railway A0000.00
115Luke ElvidgeCastle Ward A0000.00
116Sean FalkinderMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
117Mike McCarthyLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
118Carl Wilkinsonxx Castle Ward A0000.00
119Steve RobinsonHykeham B0000.00
120Steve RichardsCastle Ward A0000.00
121Tom HutchinsonMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
122Rick ChesterCastle Ward A0000.00
123Lee JohnsonCastle Ward A0000.00
124Matt RansomeLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
125Andy FletcherCastle Ward A0000.00
126Rick PaulgerHykeham C0000.00
127Darren EdwardsHykeham C0000.00
128Dave CroftHykeham C0000.00
129Allan WilsonHykeham C0000.00
130Dan MayHykeham B0000.00
131Dave CouttsHykeham B0000.00
132Craig StarbuckPost Office A0000.00
133Russ BinningtonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
134Paul BinksPost Office A0000.00
135Tristan FusseyPost Office A0000.00
136Ian FaulknerPost Office A0000.00
137Scott WaterfieldPost Office A0000.00
138Peter WaterfieldPost Office A0000.00
139John ThompsonLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
140Clive HarrisLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
141Leigh BladesLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
142Roy FroggattCube and Triangle0000.00
143Liam BushellLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
144Daryl TurnerLincoln Snooker Club E0000.00
145Geoff RobsonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
146Justin HuntLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
147Jamie BarkerLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00

Billiards League Averages 2017-18

           Players indicated in this colour have played the minimum 21 games required to qualify for player of the season.
           Players indicated in this colour have not played the minimum 21 games required to qualify for player of the season.
1Neil MackieMoorlands & Railway A .108280.00
2Chris EllisPost Office A .1912763.16
3Dean MandersPost Office A .2112957.14
4Ian CotterMoorlands & Railway A .148657.14
5Scott GratrickLincoln Snooker Club A .1810855.56
6Reg BiggsLincoln Snooker Club A .22121054.55
7Adam SearsLincoln Snooker Club A .158753.33
8Nick HaywoodPost Office A .1910952.63
9Fraser ProctorMoorlands & Railway A .27141351.85
10Darren HallHykeham A .24121250.00
11Leigh MiddletonPost Office A .189950.00
12Stu CanningsLincoln Snooker Club A .105550.00
13Andy CouplandLincoln Snooker Club A .21150.00
14Rob HallHykeham A .23111247.83
15Jamie BarkerHykeham A .27121544.44
16Hugo TomasMoorlands & Railway A .2291340.91
17Matt LeeLincoln Snooker Club A .31233.33
18Jonathan GravesMoorlands & Railway A .51420.00
19Gary BartonLincoln Snooker Club A .7070.00
20Matt RansomeHykeham A .3030.00
21Ben Walkerxx Gwynnes B0000.00
22Dave CouttsHykeham B .0000.00
23Richard JohnsonCastle Ward A0000.00
24Daniel DobbsCivil Defence A0000.00
25Paul MillerLincoln Snooker Club D0000.00
26Matt MayHykeham B0000.00
27Danny BryansHykeham C0000.00
28Dan MayHykeham B .0000.00
29Aaron BakerLincoln Snooker Club A .0000.00
30Leo BosherLincoln Snooker Club F0000.00
31Phil CrossLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
32Glenn FosterLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
33Nat DyasCastle Hill A0000.00
34Jorge TomasCivil Defence A0000.00
35Steve RobinsonHykeham B .0000.00
36Roger ClarkPost Office A .0000.00
37Rob ChapmanHykeham B .0000.00
38Doug CarbyCivil Defence A0000.00
39Tristan FusseyPost Office A0000.00
40Nigel LeddiePost Office A .0000.00
41Gavin WhittleHykeham A .0000.00
42Dale SchofieldMoorlands & Railway A .0000.00
43Lee ApplewhiteLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
44Dean ChristopherLincoln Snooker Club A0000.00
45Martin NesbittHykeham B .0000.00
46Jason Doddsxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
47Lee MasonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
48Rick EptonLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
49Mike Druszczxx Civil Defence A0000.00
50Geoff BowenLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
51Mick ChallenLincoln Snooker Club B0000.00
52Dave SmithLincoln Snooker Club C0000.00
53Paul Froggattxx Moorlands & Railway A0000.00
54Tom HutchinsonMoorlands & Railway B0000.00
55Andy FletcherCastle Ward A0000.00
56Iain WaterfieldCube and Triangle0000.00
57Nicola ReynoldsMarket Rasen A0000.00
58Clive HarrisLincoln Snooker Club G0000.00
59Alex Lawfordxx Castle Ward A0000.00