LDBSA Rebrand and relaunch..


Good evening all,

The last year for us all for countless reasons has been very tough: we’ve been furloughed; lost work; jobs; and businesses have been forced to close. We have been separated from those we care for most and many of us have tragically lost people we love.

We are hopefully coming out of these terrible times very soon and we can reconnect with loved ones, rebuild our lives and get back to doing things we love to do.

It has been a real pleasure working on a few things that ordinarily I wouldn’t have had time to. Local league snooker and billiards is close to my heart. I’m committed to regenerating interest, reaching out to new players, and making the LDBSA and our local leagues great again.

A lot of work has been going on in the background at the LDBSA. We are pleased to launch our new logo and announce some new sponsors.

We feel the refresh of the logo and brand was needed and it adds a more modern feel.
We are very excited about the future next season and hopefully welcoming all of our members, old and new, back to competitive snooker in the autumn. This association, along with the local game of snooker and billiards, has a rich history in the city of Lincoln, let’s look forward to getting out our cues again and returning to these great cue sports in the city.

Thank you to our sponsors for the coming 21/22 season.

Phil Cross
LDBSA Match Secretary

Hello to all players and ex-players of the Lincoln District Snooker and Billiards Leagues.

I’m sure you all feel the same as me, certainly ready after the strange times to continue with playing snooker and billiards within the league.
Hopefully the new season will be starting as normal in September and the normality of the game will once again be resumed. A lot of people have been working behind the scenes and I am trying to make sure that whatever can be prepared is fully prepared for when we return.

I would like to thank Phil Cross and others who have worked hard to make this happen and I feel sure that with the support of all the players we can once again be a great league.
I know that everybody is looking forward to seeing friends and opponents within the game and wish you all the best.

Everything which can be put into place to make the game as safe as possible is, and will be, in place. Happy cueing. I look forward to seeing you all in September when the season hopefully returns.

A special thank you to all the sponsors to whom without we would really struggle, thanks again

Steve Robinson
LDBSA Chairman