LDBSA Weekly Review..


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Lincoln Snooker Club B 1–6 Newark Con Club                                                   

Woodhall Spa 3–4 Lincoln Snooker Club A

Recorded Breaks

Nigel Salmon 42 & 38 Woodhall Spa                                                                        

Jamie Barker 40 Lincoln Snooker Club A                                                                     

Matt Lee 39 Lincoln Snooker Club A                                                                                 

  Matt Ransome 36 Lincoln Snooker Club A                                                                

  Neil Dowlman 35 Woodhall Spa 

Newark Con Club recorded a 6-1 away win over Lincoln Snooker Club B, the Snooker Club side have only won one of the last five games. Adam Sears won the first two frames of the three he played. Adam defeated Glenn Foster 2-0, winning 60-19 and 39-29. In his third frame he lost 40-63 to Rick Epton. Matt Bavin made it 4-1 when he played his two frames both against Dave Norman, the first frame was a black ball game winning 50-49 and the second frame was 61-28. Newark’s Captain Rob Hall fresh from his Billiards coaching down South, soon got back into the swing of things defeating Calum Baptist 2-0, with frame scores of 100-10 and 65-21

Lincoln Snooker Club A had a good 4-3 result away at Woodhall Spa Con Club. The Snooker Club side were beaten by the same score line a couple of weeks ago and they soon found their backs against the wall when Woodhall Spa went into a 2-0 lead. Neil Dowlman took the opening frame 70-36 against Daren Doughty and then defeated Matt Ransome 62-49 despite a break of 36 from Matt.  Matt continued at the table for his second frame and this time he faced Nigel Salmon, and Matt took the frame 70-17 and his sides first point on the board. The next frame between Nigel and Matt Lee had only three scoring visits Matt compiled a 39 break but Nigel recorded breaks of 38 and 42 and put his side in front for a 3-1 score. Jamie Barker then played home team captain Chris Taylor two frames winning them both. Jamie took the first frame 74-50 and with a 40 break in the second frame with a score of 70-4 to level the scores at 3-3. The final frame of the night between Chris and Gavin Whittle went to Gavin winning 57-49.

Premier League Shield Sponsored by Lincoln Snooker Club


Lincoln Snooker Club E 4–3 Lincoln Snooker Club D                                       

Moorlands & Railway A 1–6 Lincoln Snooker Club C

Recorded Breaks

Phil Cross 49 Lincoln Snooker Club D

Lincoln Snooker Club E recorded their fourth win of the season against Lincoln Snooker Club D. Justin Hunt put the D team one up when he won a black ball decider against Paul Argyle 62-60. Paul stayed on the table and faced Phil Cross and won 47-30 to level the scores at 1-1. Anthony Liddell restored his sides lead when he Edward Taylor 64-21. The same two players played the fourth frame of the night, but this time Edward won 59-48. Phil Cross then played Anthony and he soon found his practice form and he recorded his highest break of 49 (and no flukes) in a frame score of 80-3. Mark Taylor rounded the night off with two victories, defeating Phil 66-52 and Justin 57-60.

Lincoln Snooker Club C had a convincing 6-1 away win over Moorlands & Railway A Simon Mower put his side one up with a 60-32 win over Sean Falkinder. Damon Sykes made it 2-0 with a comfortable 53-3 win over Nick Moon. Sean returned to the table for his second frame and faired better this time defeating Chris Robinson 51-43. Chris stayed on the table and faced Nick and won 54-28 and put his side 3-1 up. Simon then played Joe Hutchinson and made it 4-1 with a 61-40 victory. Damon and Chris played the remaining two frames and both won against Joe and Nick respectively.

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Hykeham B 5–1 Lincoln Snooker Academy B                                                         

Lincoln Snooker Club G 4–2 Lincoln Snooker Academy A                                        

Castle Ward C 5–1 Moorlands & Railway C                                                                       

Castle Ward A 2–4 Lincoln Snooker Club F                                                         

Hykeham A 3–3 Moorlands & Railway B                                                                        

Castle Ward B 4–2 Cube & Triangle

Recorded Breaks

Ben Rickards 33 Lincoln Snooker Club F                                                               

Matt Todd 27 Lincoln Snooker Club G                                                                     

Ken Hill 25 Castle Ward B

Lincoln Snooker Club F are just one point in front at the top of the 1st Division after a 4-2 away win over Castle Ward A. George Barrett took the first frame 51-42 against Rob Reeves. The reliable Adrian Bunn levelled the scores when he defeated Mark Handford 48-36. Mark faced Scott Gratrick in the third frame and the frame went to Scott 66-53. Mark Gibbons played very well and soon levelled the scores to 2-2 when he beat Adam Petty 68-28. Ben Rickards played the last two frames for the Snooker Club side and won them both, firstly defeating Tim Dunn 59-15 and then a 68-48 score line against Scott, Ben with a break of 33. Castle Ward C are in second spot by virtue of winning more matches than Hykeham A. Castle Wards latest result was a 5-1 home win over Moorlands & Railway C. Tristan Fussey and Martin Key made it 2-0 with victories over Andy Campbell. Moorlands captain, Andy Riggall pulled one frame back when he defeated Graham Smith 57-13. Craig Starbuck won both of his frames, firstly defeating Phil Barnett 80-34 and then Ian Baker 53-34. In-between those two frames Tristan defeated Ian 46-16. Hykeham A drew 3-3 against the Moorlands B side. Trev Porter and Josh Weaver put the Moorlands two up, Trev beat Rob Chapman 49-22 and Josh beat Steve Robinson 53-19. Gary Beardsley levelled the scores at 2-2 defeating Nathan Shasby 63-13 and Liam Shasby 51-33. Trev made it 2-3 with a very good result, defeating Dan May 62-40. Steve levelled the scores with a 69-39 win over Josh. Lincoln Snooker Club G defeated the Academy A side 4-2 which saw victories for Andy Nichol, Tom Boyle and two frames for Matt Todd, Matt with a 27 break against Daniel Shearman. Daniel also won the first frame of the night against Leigh Blades and James Lilley won the last frame of the night against Andy. It was the same score line for the Academy B side, Dave Croft Michael and Scott Morrison put Hykeham three up with victories over James Sawyer, Jared Bailey and Josh Hackney. Joe Jackson won his sides lone point when he played well to beat Dave 51-32. Michael and Sean completed the scores defeating Josh and Joe 73-27 and 50-28. Mid-table Castle Ward B defeated the Cube & Triangle 4-2. Ken Hill with a 25 break in his 81-9 victory over Karl Clayton. Craig Wallace made it 2-0 when he beat Dan Chambers 47-34. Gary Chambers pulled a frame back when he got the better of Matt Strickson 54-16. Ken Hill restored his sides lead when he beat Karl 74-30. Dan faced Craig for the second time of the night and it was a different result with Dan winning 57-32. Matt also faced his opponent for the second time and this time it was Matt who gained a victory, A black ball decider winning 46-39.