Castle Hill A

Player Averages

Rick Morrison1916384.21
Rob Tuach30141646.67
Mark Popham1871138.89
Mark Winston2041620.00
Brian Tuach2442016.67
Steve Coldron1221016.67
Carl Christopher1010.00


Castle Hill Club

Castle Hill Club, 4 Castle Hill, Lincoln LN1 3AA

Club Roll of Honour

Total Awards:


Winners - 2
Semi-Finalists - 2
Highest Breaks - 1
Player of the Year - 1
Season Title Name(s) Award
2017-182nd Division 2017-18Castle Hill AWinners
2017-18Junior Doubles 2017-18Rick Morrison / Rob Tuach
Castle Hill A
2016-17Junior Doubles 2016-17Rick Morrison / Rob Tuach
Castle Hill A
2016-172nd Division 2016-17Rick Morrison
Castle Hill A
Player of the Year (85%)
2015-162nd Division 2015-16Rick Morrison
Castle Hill A
Highest Break (44)
2014-153rd Division 2014-15Castle Hill AWinners


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